Multi-Monitor question

(JaY_III) #1

I have a multimonitor setup, one AGP OPENGL card, and one old 2D ONLY PCI card…

I dont want to run blender on the PCI card at all, just uses that one for winamp, browesers and such…
But when i have the PCI card enabled (Win XP) blender will not start up.
It gives me this error : "Driver components mis-match. Exit is the only optioin. "

So i currenty have to disable that Video Card, load blender, then re-enable the PCI video card so both my monitors will work.

I was wondering if thier was anyway around this problem.
And i would REALLY like to do this without buying a OpenGL PCI card, so taht means if possible using what i currently have.

any help would be great, thanks.

(Alltaken) #2

perhaps consider using a vid card that has multi monitor support built in.

eg somthing running most nvidia chips.

blender will be getting confused having two drivers running at the same time.

(JaY_III) #3

The goal is to NOT BUY a new Video card
my AGP card is a NV 20 (GeForce 3) so no plans to replace that anytime soon.

Does anyone elese use two Video cards?
how did you get that working?
or is it the problem being the PCI card that does not support OpenGL (that i dont want to use with blender anyways).
Would a PCI card that supports OpenGL fix the problem?

(azrael) #4

The only thing that I can think to suggest is to make sure that your AGP is your default. cause if you have your PCI as default and you open blender, it will open on the PCI, which ill error out.

Somewere in the desplay options is the coice to change the default card. Blender should then use the AGP, which works :smiley:


(JaY_III) #5

yeah, i got the AGP card as my primary display.
doesnt look like i got too much going for me does ir :frowning: