Multi-Object editing and "Select All": restrict to subset of objects?

I foolishly assumed that Multi-Object Editing would be restricted to Objects that are selected/highlighted, not (apparently) all the Objects.

I see a lot of hits for “How To Turn It Off?”, so I guess I’m not the only one, but I don’t especially want to turn it on/off repeatedly, I’d like to restrict it to the several objects I want to multi-edit.

In the case at hand, I have a couple of “eyeballs”, but when I go to size them, all the points in the scene are sized, although >>only<< the eyeballs are selected – the body neither has a line highlight nor its Mesh Object icon highlighted.

Obviously I could use SELECT LINKED, but I’d like to get a handle on when and when not to use SELECT ALL. It seems like multi-object editing could get in the way a lot if there’s no way to restrict which objects are valid for editing.

In general, it would seem that multi-editing, whether meshes or armatures, would be better served if it were able to be restricted to subsets, rather than global.

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Multi-object editing is restricted. To selected objects and active object (which isn’t necessarily selected).

Is it better practice to click the green inverted triangle than to highlight the whole line?

I wouldn’t think so. Clicking that switched to/from edit mode. It’s way more convenient to just select object(s) and switch mode once, instead of clicking those green things one by one.

I’m going to research Outliner more: some of its features are very subtle for me.

Thanks for the pointers.