Multi-object Value Change Suggestions

The multi-object value editing is a step in the right direction I’ve been waiting a long time for. Coming from Maya, it always seemed like an elementary function annoyingly missing from Blender, so definite kudos to the developers for filling that need. =)

That said, I have a few suggestions to make the feature satisfactory. I couldn’t find any discussion on the feature, so it could very well be possible some/all my suggestions are planned to be implemented, but I thought I’d list them just in case:

  • The [Alt] key press requirement seems unneeded. When multiple items are selected, the desire is to affect all the selected items. But the option to affect only the active item is nice, too, so if anything, that’s when the [Alt] key should be pressed.
  • Like values for modifiers/physics/object data being changed across all selected items, materials/constraints/etc. should also have their values changed.
  • Adding/Deleting modifiers/constraints/materials/particles/physics/etc. should be applied to all selected items.
  • This may be tangential, but it would also be really useful to be able to select multiple modifiers/etc. in the same object and affect their values.
    Furthermore, these selections should be undo/redo-able, and like selections in mesh edit mode, they should be remembered even when selecting other items.

1 and 2 - This already been proposed on Campbell stated that the current way it works is temporary, so I guess you just have to wait.

also Alt has a couple of little issues, like not working whith Emulate 3 Buttons Mouse, and Ctrl+Wheel to scroll enums failing inside tabs -it just switch tabs-
I think he was waiting opinions from UI team before any other changes