Multi-pass rendering

did anyone build a script to automatize a multipass rendering ?

-select all object without those on layer one
-turn all these object with one material with ENV option
-render image and save it

-accomplish these procedure with all layers, one by one.

I can’t understand why these option don’t exist in blender as it seem so easy to implement…
…and so usefull


( perfection should be one image build with all these alpha layers.)

No there is no such python script or internal option at this time.

It would not be too hard to write… even for someone with little experience.

It would just have to be written to also reset all the materials after rendering the pass.

Also some thought would have to be put into what shadows to render when… interesting… doable…

I just start to learn Python, may be it will be my first script how know ?
Or someone will be faster than I…

Anyway, I think Blender could be one more time very attractive with these feature embeded in the program (like C4D, and so on…).

(…one day, there will be object snap in Blender…and Blender will be totaly PERFECT)…

It may sound easy. But when multipass rendering, the materials are often “adjusted” for at least a few passes. So i don’t know how well it will go.

I plan everything to be either a single pass render or mulipass render and set the blend file up accrodingly.

It kinda works.