Multi-player games

(MegaPenguin) #1

How can I make games with a split screen so atleast two people can play?

(chrisjengle) #2

Though I don’t know precisely if it’s possible. I’d approach it by trying to come up with a script or somthing that would capture images from a camera and constantly set them as the texture of a mesh. But now in thinking about it you usually use one image for animations. i don’t know if this is because when making blender they couldn’t come up with a solution for contantly replace the objects entire texture image, or if nowone’s just ever gotten to it yet. there’s also the possibility that there is a solution I’m oblivious to. Wait wait a second. I had a thought. Make one players view an overlay scene?

(chrisjengle) #3

I just had another thought in regards to the overlay scene idea. Perhaps one could take advantage of the fact that sometimes there is a bug with alpha channels in which somethings appear visible and others invisible behind the aplpah region of the textured face. and oh yeah, we should post these kinds of subjects in the realtime area.