Multi res modifier in sculpting

Hey It’s been a while since I last used blender seems there was an update and now when I try using multi res modifier while sculpting it says “Not supported in sculpt mode” Idk if they changed it but it worked before what else can I use or how do I fix this?

Don’t worry it’s probably some overlook or very badly explained message, because the modifier still works, just click on the Subdivide button of the modifier once and the message will disappear.

When I sub divide it my mirror modifier doesn’t effect it how do I fix this? :stuck_out_tongue: (After sub dividing I have half a model)

Do not use a mirror modifier for sculpting with multires.
The Sculpt mode has X / Y / Z symmetry options for doing the mirroring of your sculpt brush strokes.

Wow I can’t believe I forgot that :stuck_out_tongue: ty it’s been a while xD