I am trying to simulate Cascading shadows by placing multiple Shadow-Only suns over area with less and less resolution, but as shadows overlay, they get stronger and stronger. How to fix it and have only one strength for all of them?

Well, it doesn’t work correctly for me, but thanks for idea- placing them like that would be cool. So, the problem is how to get out required stuff out of oyur code(so that the suns gets positioned in front of player all the time, but doesn’t rotate in Z axis with it)!

You will see it perfectly normal when you’re viewing it from the camera. The light vector doesn’t actually change, just it’s Z for overlappping. Remove the transparent plane for visualization and add some pillars to see that the vector doesn’t change.

Well, could you explain me anyway: how can I parent sun to player except Z rotation? I wanna make my own example of cascade shadows. Just a short explanation script needed…

My script does cascades by representing the sun as a direction vector not the actual orientation of the lamp, so in this case local Z isn’t taken into account so that you can set it to your desired without changing the sun’s global vector.
It’s not simple if you don’t have a “good” background of vectors.

vertex parent is what you whant i guess, it parents the object to selected, but does not use z rotaion.

[QUOTE=cotax;2871133]vertex parent is what you whant i guess, it parents the object to selected, but does not use z rotaion.[/QUTE]Wait. yes- it doesn’t use rotation at all, but in this case sun won’t be always in front of player…

hmm, you can animate the sun, or use python to change it’s loction?

Yeah… I mean - how to parent sun to player, but not allow it to rotate around Z axis caused by player? As a full parent, except Z axis… Wait, I fig

ah ok, then parent it to the object you want, hit the light object, go to object tab (i tought) in properties and lock the z rotation.

ps: vertex parent is exactly what you need, because it moves (x and y) with the player and it wont rotate with it (z).

anyway above option should also work

I have an idea of vertex parenting suns to emtpies and parenting empties to player… This shall work, I’ll test in evening, and if success, I will post in GE resources as fake cascade shadows:)