multi sided figure

has anyone figured out how to build say a ‘cube’ but with lots of faces - say 16?
at least more that six sides
i need each face to have more than 3 edges
12 sided figures seem to have 5 edges a side. that would work looks interesting

PS an icosphere minimum subdivision 1 is three edges per side

I would find images of a shape you want, then try to model it. It will be a lot easier with a referance image!

see original post links


You can create the 5 Platonic Solids using a Python script found here:

Or follow this thread for a howto modelling a Dodecahedron by hand:1
Using the howto you might be able to build the Uniform Polyhedron?

Hope this helps?

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is there a page that tells me how to use scripts?
i have no idea how to put them in a blender file or whatever one does with them!

Sorry, the first link was fine, the second link has some 3-sided faces in it though, which you said you didn’t want.

EDIT I played around for a couple minutes was able to create a nice dodecahedron; I’ve attached the blend.


dodecahedron.blend (129 KB)

how do i get the image on the pentagon correct?
i did not use UV- cos i can never remember how.
figures was just made by making a pentagon from a plane with one extra vert and roughly duplicating it.


thanks- it sure will be more accurate than mine!

UV mapping is the only way to have full control of how your textures are mapped, just mark all the edges around each pentagon as seams, select everything and unwrap! you can export the UVs using a script and then using photoshop or gimp place images where you want them, save the new image, and map it to UV instead of ORCO or whatever else you’re using. There are many good tutorials on UV mapping, if you work through a couple and practice, you shouldn’t forget it! UV mapping is a good skill to have:yes:!

sadly the tutes are from the old way of doing it. so i click F and just get a warning that that feature is done in edit mode! - dunno how yet!

this just don’t look right. tutes are written by and for experts.
not really understandable by folks like me.
that pink triangle should be lots of triangles!


It is lots of triangles… all on top of each other. To unwrap, press “U” and just press unwrap. There are tutorials for UV mapping written for beginners and using more recent Blender builds, If I have some time I’ll look for some good ones. Searching this forum might yield some good links too.

I did press “U” and just press unwrap - that is how i got the triangle!
i vaguely remember you used to have to select edges somehow

ps tell the writer this is gobbledygook!
Select Textured Draw Type mode (the 3D viewport shading selector is next to the mode selector on the 3D View header)

i did ctrl E to mark the seeks and got them all but which triangle is which!
so then i tried one seam but now it wont unwrap.
I don’t think UV is very easy to use!


seems to work


trouble is the faces do not show!
UV is selected under Map Input.

thanks renderer10
as requested…


dodecahedronADJ.blend (160 KB)

Could you attach the blend so I can take a look?

i included it in the post above when i edited it.

I downloaded your blend and the image where you numbered faces, and mapped that to the object’s UV coordinates(which you already had set up). When I rendered, The pentagon that has the red material displayed the proper part of the image. I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong… it seemed to work fine for me. I do have a question regarding the above image, you have one pentagon with a different material than all the other sides do(the red one), and that is that material that you have the texture linked to. So in the second panel that is in textured view, why is the whole thing textured? Also, in your render, the face that should be displaying part of the texture seems to have some markings on it, so there is some sort of texture mapping going on. In the blend that you gave me, the image that was to be used was of the ford that I’ve seen in previous posts… obviously it wasn’t the same file as the one you took the screenshot of. Concerning using an image like that, you’ll want to take the faces in the UV/Image editor that make up the pentagon you want the image on and scale/move them so that the truck or whatever is centered on them. The faces may be located in a far corner of the image so it’s just mapping some grass or something to that face, and depending on what it is, it may not look like there is an image there at all. I’m still a little confused about your setup right now, so any information you give me will help me help you:D!

well i did the whole thing again
and it UV still wont work.
maybe i should leave UV to the experts and go onto another project.
endless frustration with blender oddities is no fun


dodecahedronUV.blend (149 KB)