Multi-Smoke/Fire Sims -- Help! :(

So, I’m animating a scene where MaleShepard uses a lighter to light a file folder on fire and tosses it into a trashcan, but I’m completely unsure how to get the flame on the lighter to, well, look like a lighter flame. I know that I could just model the lighter flame and then use the smoke-sim for the folder fire, but I’d really like to know how I could pull it off with the smoke simulator, just in case I need it in the future.
Here’s the animation (test render): Video

The main problem I’ve been having is shrinking the flame down from this: Too Big. To this: Just Right. And getting it looking smooth and vertical.
I tried shrinking the domain cage, but that only kinda works. And it means that the folder that’s supposed to be on fire will either have to be simulated/rendered separately and later composited together (which I’m willing to try, if necessary), or will simply disappear when being tossed into the trashcan.

Also, I did try baking the lighter flame sim and then setting up a separate smoke sim for the folder flame on another layer, but it basically reset the lighter flame (even though it was baked).

Oh, and one last thing, I’m currently running 2.76, 'cause I only have an old computer that’s running Windows XP. So, the newer ones won’t work until I upgrade, which could be a while from now, thanks to no money.

Anyways! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Blend file: Download