Multi Texture Materials in BGE

Hi Guys,

Thought this was more appropriate under the Game Engine section because of the limitations of textures in the BGE (didn’t want an answer/ suggestion that would not apply to the BGE).

Im using Multi Texture Materials as im using a Netbook, which obviously doesn’t support GLSL and im creating a football pitch. I have created a pitch in GIMP with grass, the white lines etc and have added dirt marks etc to make it look used and realistic.

Back in Blender, I have UV mapped the pitch to a few faces on my terrain and it’s looking pretty good and I was content with it.

Anyway, I have the Blender Gamekit book and was looking through it, and specifically the Material Options (Texture Face, Multi Texture and GLSL) and I think what I have done (basically UV-mapped a texture created in another program) could have been done in the simpler Texture Face Materials. The book says you can add more textures for Multi Texture Materials in Blender, and im wondering if someone could explain what else I could do to the pitch and what other textures/ techniques I could add (and how) with the remaining available 2 texture channels (the book says you get 3 channels for Multi Texture Materials).

Sorry for such a long thread and thanks for reading :D.

I believe (I’m not sure msyelf I’ve never done it) that you go into the texture panel on your material and you select one of those blocks below the first one which has your texture in it, which should get you a new channel. As for what you could use it for, you could make a more complex mesh and do a normal map to make the pitch look like it’s more detailed and not flat even if it actually is, or you could texture some ambient occulusion or specularity, I’ve also heard of something called a diffuse map, but I don’t know what that is of the top of my head.