Multi-Thread development

I work for an international logistics company and have been using Blender to make sales materials for our systems, and the response has been phenominal, but there is one major hurdle to having Blender adopted as corperate standard, and that is data import. The data I am importing is in .fbx format and it works brilliantly every time, but the files I am working with are large, with the resulting .blend being between 700~1500 MB!

My question is whether or not multi.-threaded import support is planned, or if there is an experimental build floating around? I figure the answer is no, but thought I’d float the question here. Assuming the answer is no, where would be a good place for me to research what it would take to make a multi-thread importer? Probably over my head, but…

Thanks for any input, and happy Blendering!

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