multi-threaded compositor - 2.62

Does anyone know how to turn on multi-threaded compositing in 2.62? I’ve read somewhere else on this forum that we had multi-threaded compositing in 2.5, but when rendering my CPU usage drops down from 400% to 100% at the compositing stage. Have had a look around the preferences and render settings, but no dice…

Thanks for pearls of wisdom that anyone can share.

Looks like its still in Branch not trunk yet.

1st make sure you have a tile compositor build. Then you need to make sure what your trying to do has been ported over to the multithreaded node. Not all have been done most have I believe. Then once you have that all working there are a few that might even work better with opencl that is in the p panel. Some things are speeded up much with the multithreaded and opencl. just depends what it is. There was a chart somewhere might be on the developers website showing what will gain the most out of it. It is going to help mainly with large node setups. Though I have found it quite fast on my smaller ones. Make sure you save allot it is quite unstable.

I’m not talking about experimental builds or the new tile compositor, just wondering why the existing compositor in 2.62 isn’t using all my threads and if it should be, is there an option somewhere to switch it on.

is there an option somewhere to switch it on.

No, the compositor in 2.62 is not multitreaded, thats because we have the tile branch.
This new feature comes not before 2.62, I fear.

Cheers, mib.

Mistakenly replied in my other account, oppps. Thanks for your reply Mib, is what I was thinking but wanted to be sure. Also, thanks ibkanat, although I’m not willing to risk my renders on a test build, I’m very excited about the new tile compositor. Thanks for all your info and I’ll no doubt give it a whirl when I’ve got a spare couple of minutes.