Multi tile uv's

(Craig Jones) #21

EnV is right, you can paint in Internal with GLSL no problem across the multiple images (don’t forget to save each as you finish painting) but I think the problem with painting in Cycles is that you still have to select the image node to make it active, I have to try with that again to check, though I usually do all my painting in Internal material texture stack so I can use GLSL for feedback.

(psychoboy852) #22

@cymps Hey, I tried doing this but I can only create tiles in 1 direction X or Y. Can you please re-post this image in higher resolution or add blend file so I can see what are your mapping values? Thanks!

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #23

I´m using Blender 2.79b daily dev, but I can´t seem to MIX the maps between 1001 and 1002.
The entire map for the character I´m using has the head on 1001 and the body on 1002.
So how do I mix this on a single shader? Using mix, will provide a factor: ghosting 50% of the face and 50% of the body. Not good.
Am I supposed to have multiple shaders? one for 1001, then another one for 1002?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks @pitiwazou itiwazou

(Pitiwazou) #24

Use the group nodes I added on the post :wink:

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #25

Yeah, I see it working on the diffuse part, what about doing the same for speculars, sss and normal maps?

(kkar) #26

I wish we could bake to UDIM tiles and have a native support for UDIMs :frowning: If you want movie guys to use Blender you want UDIM support, because movie stuff means huge textures with UDIM tiles, also Katana people like it. I am regularly asked for this and I end up going back to Modo or Mudbox so I can do proper UDIM texture painting and exports and bakes etc


I’ve heard talk about UDIMS being implemented sometime after 2.8

Not sure, but maybe, hopefully?

(kkar) #28

Hope so. You can work around multi tiles but the issue main issue is being able to bake an object’s textures to multiple UDIM tiles, as far as I can tell that requires quite a bit work work at the moment, so I personally avoid doing it in Blender.

(carlosan) #29

Using characteristics already existing in Blender, is there an addon that allows import our file, tick a box “Import uDims as UV Maps”, and it will import all of your tiles and rename them according to their UDIMs ?

Then also when you’re done and exporting, tick the box “Export UV Maps as uDims”, this will keep the UDIM imported tiles and the names assigned to them upon import.

I dont care if It stacks all UV maps into one UV space. It just need to keep tiling data of coordinate space at import/export.