Multi-User Separate Meshes?


I am currently modelling a somewhat large set of modular tiles for an anti-gravity racing game. Every track piece has been copied via Alt+D from a base tile, so I can always edit the mesh without having to remake all the copies.

Now the issue I’m running into is that in addition to just having the track there’s also variations of it featuring signs, lamps, tunnels, walls, etc. (On the bottom left of the image there are some examples)

I could merge these additional props with the main track tile using Ctrl+J and all the other tiles would instantly update with them on it. However, I need them to remain separate objects. Once merged they become one object. Is there a way to achieve that?

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You’ve really answered your own question.

Linked duplicates are as they are called. Change one and all change
You will have to have them unlinked or just don’t join the meshes.

I am not entirely sure how unlinking the objects would help in my case.
The issue I’m facing is that I don’t know how to make the road, and a decorational asset like a sign a multi-user without creating two separate linked duplicates. The one solution I can think of is combining the meshes, but as I said in the OP I need them as separate objects, and I don’t think there is a possibility to “un-merge” the meshes later on.