multi UV unwrap ?

how does this work?

when you select in object panel a UV map should i see the unwrap verts for this seleted map in the UV editor ?

any short video on this ?

and on the right of each map name there is an icon eye and it says active render
what does it do ?

if you have more then one map should all these eye render icon be on or only one ?


The map that’s visible in the UV editor should be the same one that’s selected in the properties window.

Also, if you don’t know already, you can utilize the maps by typing their name into the entry field of the attribute node in Cycles and selecting the map’s name from the UV list in the material panels in BI.

well not certain how this should work anymore
sometimes in other files i could see the unwrap in UV editor but on this file i cannot

must say that this nodes setup have 5 UVmap and 4 attributes with 3 images
for cycles so may be not possible to synchronise things!

if i select another map in object panel it does not show the unwrap associated with the uvmap or the image associated !

or is it that my PC is not fast enought to update ?

i mean if i change the uvmap in ob panel i don’t see the image in UV editor change or any unwrap

are there other parameters to be set so that the UV image ,unwrap and selection in ob panel are all synchronise?

lastly where do you select the image in the material panel for cycles
i can see like 25 nodes there !
i usualy work in the node editor not the material panel but good to know another way!