Multi-view rendering

There may or may not be a few threads asking anything similar, but I figured I should ask here, even if in dim hopes of receiving an answer before someone posts a tutorial, sooner or later.

Multi-View rendering is now, at the day of this post, available in Blender’s Nightly Builds, but even before that point, I had tested it out, quickly finding the results to my liking.

What bothers me is not the Stereo 3D setting, but the Multi-View setting instead. Whenever I attempt F12 renders, the console tells me the Camera I am using is not a Multi-View camera. This had left me inclined to believe I needed 2 cameras, 1 for each side, but that also failed. I had even tried un-checking the “left” and “right” camera views in the Render Layers panel, hoping for different results, but to no avail.

Does anyone know what I am missing? How can I make the cameras I use in the 3D viewport “Multi-View” cameras? They work for Anaglyph, but not Multi-View.

Edit 4/14/2015: