Multible objects reacting

Hi, I am trying to move, Object1(parent) while moving Object 2 (child) passively.
Object1 rotates on Z and Y. Object2 should only rotate on Z. Object1 is above Object2 and their origins line up on Z. So basically I rotate object1 on Z and object 2 rotates, but if I rotate Object1 on Y, I can’t get object2 to stay put. thanks for any help I hope this is clear enough.

Add Object Constraint → Copy Rotation: select only Z and select target…

If you need them to rotate at different rates, you can use the transformation constraint and fiddle with the parameters

or use drivers

Those are nice ideas and solutions for a better precise outcome, I failed using those because my skill level is lame. I went with a easy approach and used two empties. I wanted a universal way (one object movement, however the rig was complicated. Thanks

It’s just one transformation constraint on one object, you can check how to use it in the manual.

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