MultiEdit version 1.0: Multiple Objects Editing

And it’s out! The Alpha 2 version is there for you to use. Check my first post for more details.

Dear Antoni,

It’s ok for all with this second release! Very nice add-on that Blender needed for a long time!
Excuse me I havn’t seen your answer to my question about center but now it’s fine!


It works a lot better for me now; no crashes yet. Antoni, you have made my life a lot easier with this addon. Sculpting and texturing my island is now fun instead of frustrating. Thank you so much!

No crashes? I wonder how THAT got fixed :smiley:

I occasionally get this error when exiting multiEdit mode. All of the objects in my file seem to be ok though; nothing appears to have been messed up as a result as far as I can tell. Just thought you might want to be aware of this.

That’s strange… The add-on creates duplicate objects and puts them in the last layer in order to get some information back and, according to this, one of them doesn’t exist or something… Anyway, if it doesn’t create any problems, leave it as it is and I’ll take it into consideration for when I start developing the third alpha, probably after 1-2 weeks… Thanks again.

Awesome addon! Blender was aching for something like this.
Thanks! Off to test it.

Tried it, works awesome. I’d say the test was a handful and the script handled it very very good!
The only thing I noticed so far is that all the meshes had the sum of combined Materials on them. It did not interfere with the actual render though. Minor nuisance, negligible realy.

Thanks again on this very useful addon! I come from an environment where editing multiple objects is part of the app, and not being able to do it in blender was always a huge letdown. Not any more thanks to you!

Thank you for your kind words. I had started thinking that no one else would notice my add-on. There a few “small” problems with new geometry, I’ll create a new version to fix all issues if I see that more people need it. But for the time being, I have other things to do…

it works very good for me, especially because it keeps the vertex order!

thanks so much! 8)

I’m keeping a hopeful eye on this! I can’t use it in my everyday work yet, but I’ve played with it at home and it’s really interesting. Looking forward to see what else you can do with it!

Ok, here are my first impressions. It seems to fail at preserving materials on each object like it claims (bug?), but otherwise it preserves everything else I’ve tried. The workflow is smooth and easy, and even let me uv unwrap multiple meshes together! So yeah, I’m officially a big fan. Hopefully, the material bug will be fixed soon. It’s a pretty blatant bug (happens every time), and it’s happening on the latest RC.

Really? I can’t reproduce that actually. Could you give me some more information, maybe even the .blend file? Thanks! Edit: could you also give the EXACT Blender version? I mean, the information on the splash screen?

You bet! I’ll try to get that to you today. Thanks!

Here is a simple test. Tested on 1 windows and 1 mac machine. Both exhibit the same issue. Simply select the 3 meshes, enter multiedit mode and then exit. It will lose all the material info and instead assign 1 material to all meshes.
I’ve included a system-info.txt so you would know what build I was using.
If you can’t reproduce it, I don’t know what else it could be… maybe something in my preferences?

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It’s really strange… Funny thing is, when I create new objects, in your scenes, they work perfectly. Could you tell me what you did exactly? (BTW, the problem seems to be the fact that the materials don’t get duplicated with the rest of the objects, so when trying to get out of the MultiEdit, it can’t find any materials, so it goes with the default one).

Nice video, hope someday Blender will support true Multi Object Editing for properties, UVs and so on…

Well, if the developers start to implement staff that add-ons already do, they would never finish more important features…

True, but we know that Multi Edit can not be full addressed in a streamlined design without core implementation. i’m not saying your solution is bad, i liked it man, it fix the Single Object UV design of Blender to a Multiple Object UV, it’s by itself amazing.
But python scripts just can’t do the job as it need to be done such change multiple object properties (Property panel, Constraint Panel e.g) at the same time and so on… Though i don’t think it’s a critical feature to BF implement, we can handle the lack of it.

Ok, the problem is that my prefs setting for linking materials (edit/link materials to) is set to object not objdata. If I set to objdata it works fine. However, there are situations where linking to object not objdata is preferred (mainly when referencing). Is there a way to make the plugin respect both settings?

Well, I didn’t know that something like that existed… :stuck_out_tongue:
It can’t be very hard, I could probably make it so that when that option is enabled, the materials get duplicated separately, one by one. But you have to wait for that, I’m kind of busy, but I’ll get to work on Alpha 3 when I have time. Thank you! :slight_smile: