Multijoin addon

this is a little addon to do a pie menu on J key.
if you press J you have the normal connect verts (join)
if you press J and move the mouse it opens a pie menu.
In this pie menu:
this is doing a connect between several vertices and 1 last selected vertex. useful for corners
-slide and join
if you select a loop with several vertices on it (more than 2!), and then 2 last vertices in another loop with only 2 vertices, it will subdivide the loop and connect vertices together with edges. it can close missing faces too.
if you try to connect to a loop with more than 2 vertices, select 2 last vertices but you will have to merge things manually then…
-connect vertex pairs
already in blender. I put it in the menu but well I don’t really use it.

!!Important!! I’m creating two keys and 1 is a double of the existing J key with “click” instead of “press”. you have to disable the original 1 toggling the crux off.
I tried to install new shortcut and modify another existing one at the same time but it was not working well. if someone knows how to do this, you are very welcome. even to improve my script if necessary.

little YT video
after you can see this one (11.8 KB)

Do note that until 2.82 the ‘connect vertex pairs’ is buggy - it returns the opposite of what it should (cancelled when finished, finished when cancelled). Which impacts the undo.

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thks for this answer. the kind of problem I had using both 2.82 and 2.81

Hello! Thank you!
could you please also add native join in pie?