Multijoin_pie_menu addon

*** Multijoin_pie_menu ***

Important watch this to install it:

use J to do an advanced join (connect even if no face and fill face option, merge…)

use J and move the mouse to open the pie menu

Slide and join

extend several edges


Join several vertices to another

Connect vert pair to join several sequences

The default join that you normally have on J key

those 2 ones are native in Blender

If I find some other joining functions. I will add them to the pie menu
Any suggestions are welcome


Nice work ! Will try that ASAP :smiley:

I did an update because there was a problem with the hot key when uninstalling. so now you have to manually disable the default J in key preferences. and other keys are normally installed by the addon. I show it it the video at the top of this page. and I added an advanced Join, when pressing J, this is a mix between the normal join and F2 addon. see in the same video…