Multilayer EXR files lose layers when switched to image sequence

Hey guys, well I’m working on a big project and we have rendered out all frames to multilayer EXR files. To my horror blender version 2.66a has a bug in it where you can bring a multilayer EXR into the compositor but if you switch the type to image sequence the node sockets change and the image loses its contained information like vector and depth. It switches to image and alpha and z. I found on someone already reported this and it was fixed…today actually:) but the svn rev build doent look like its avalible yet.

So finally to my question…how long does it usually take before a svn rev build is released? The fixed build is svn rev55624 btw


These are the build times of the most recent buildbot updates

Thanks thats pretty much what has a link to on its website. Looks like it might be a few days for svn rev55624 for windows64. Looks like svn rev55616 was the latest for windows on the link you sent. At least I know those guys move pretty fast:) Man gotta love Blender and the developers for that!

Thanks Guys!

If the fix has actually been made then it will be in the next build, tomorrow morning