Multilayer openexr

Ok, I’ve looked around, and can’t get a Barney style explanation on how to do this. I’m rendering 3 render layers that I want to composite together. I have to render them one at a time, because I have to change materials on the model between layers. How do I save all 3 render layers to one OpenEXR Multilayer file without overwriting the last render layer saved?

In composite node editer you can click on small icon of render in render layer node, that will render only selected in node layer and dont overwrite others.

Didn’t know this could work but it did

  • I first set up two render layers with their settings
  • then activated the pin button to only render the active render layer
  • rendered
  • then selected the second render layer, changed object material color to green and rendered again
  • saved the image as multilayer openexr
    And individually rendered layers got saved like they should

Edit: added a third render layer, switched to Cycles and put a Cycles material on the cube, rendered again and saved as multilayer openexr. It saved all individual render layers to one file. Two of them rendered in Blender render and the third in Cycles. Awesome.

I was pretty sure one would have to make a separate scene and combine them to one file in the compositor using file output node, but I guess not.

Need to youse render layer node, not image node


Did you read the question?

You are assuming that the op uses Blender for compositing and even so, it’s common to separate rendering from compositing.

Thanks guys for the tests. I got it to work, but had to render all 3 layers in one session of blender. I’m trying to figure out how to do it if blender crashes on me, and pick up where I left. Ex: Render layer 1 is finished rendering all 300 frames and saved to scene01.exr. Render layer 2 finishes to frame 300 and F3 it to scene01.exr. Blender quits, or you quit because it’s late. Pick it up the next day, render layer 3 finishes all 300 frames, save to scene01.exr and now layer 1 and layer 2 have been overwritten…

Just trying to figure out how to prevent this next time so I don’t lose so much time and work.