multilayer shadow pass

Hi all.

I’ve a problem.
In my scene I have a plane and a cube on top of it, each with its own material. There’s a spot lamp too.
I’d like to using compositing on this scene and I’d like to have the shadow pass separated from the rest. But I cannot get it… Shadows disappears in the final composition. :expressionless:
This is what I’ve done:

  • moved cube on layer 1
  • moved plane on layer 2
  • activated only layer 1 in my first ‘foreground’ render layer
  • activated only layer 2 in my secondo ‘background’ render layer
  • activated shadow pass and AO for render layer ‘background’

I now have the two render layers results

  1. cube plus AO combined and no lamp shadow
  2. plane with AO pass and totally black shadow pass

what it’s goin’on? If I render the same scene without layers I’ve the right shadow in the render result.

You’ve asked a fairly vague question. Screen-shots would probably help clear things up.
See the little grayed out camera icons to the right of the passes you mentioned in my screenie? Those buttons prevent the passes from being included in the combined pass.

PrtSc button will will save a screen-shot on linux or allow you to paste the screen-shot into an image editing program on windoze.


Here the screens.

Where is direct lighting shadow in multiple layer version???

Did you make sure that your lamp that casts shadows is in both layers?


what a noob!


Does that mean that you need 2 lamps that are the same, one in each layer?

No. It means you have to have the same lamp in two layers. Every object can be placed in more than one layer.

Oh I am getting layer types confused sorry, you mean render layer?

No, I mean scene layer.

No need to duplicate anything. Have the camera and lamp in scene layer 1, the cube in layer 2, and the plane in layer 3. Then one of the Render Layers will have scene layers 1 & 2, and the other Render Layer will have scene layers 1 & 3.

In Render Layer 3, you’ll need to activate Shadows and AO. It’s Render Layer node will have sockets for shadows and AO.

Steve S