multilayered material doesn't render transparent png?


I’m experimenting with multi-layered materials and uv-warp at the moment, the idea being to do layered sprite sheet animation.

My material consists of a procedural blender colour to serve as a background of sorts and a number of layered transparent .pngs. It turns out that the layered .pngs don’t seem to render and I’m guessing I have to change something in the material settings.

I’m including the project file to illustrate my problem. (It’s just an ugly little test file for now).

test.blend (629 KB)

Here are the .pngs I used:

I tried it anew and now it works – going through the same motions as in the first file. Does anyone have an idea why it wouldn’t have worked the first time around?

Successful attempt:


23-12-2014-step02.blend (544 KB)

First file didn’t have material Z transparency alpha set and the texture wasn’t set to influence material alpha.

Edit: no, that’s not it. There was a difference but another difference is texture mapping which is clip in first and repeat in other. Setting mapping to clip in the second makes the texture disappear. Don’t know the reason, yet at least.

Edit2: now I do. The texture was set to clip so when the empties are keyframed in place, the uv warp modifiers move the mapping and the texture gets clipped, resulting to just material color.


Thanks for shedding some light onto this.

Marco : )