Multilayers: creating, using and painting


Sorry for my ignorance, but I have read the release notes and don’t quite get how to create multilayers. I tried to save in the multilayer format but when I load in a composite image node Blender crashes… using windows 2000. I also cannot load this file format using the image editor. It crashes also. So maybe I am not setting this up right.

Multilayers: Can someone explain the step by step procedure to create a multilayer file?

Painting: How do you paint on sequence images as well as the multilayer image file?

Thanks in advance.



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Are you referring to this thread?

So one has to go through the rendering an compositing system just to create a multilayer image for texture paint? That is insane. Maybe it’s the quickest way the devs could come up with to implement it, but it is shitty useability for texture artists.


Why would I not want to use layers for texture paint? Layers are an integral part of any image manipulation system, and texture paint needs them very very very very badly.


I don’t want to layer textures at render time, I want to use layers to create images in the texture editor the same way I create them in Pshop.

Multilayer may not have been meant for this, but can it be used for this, as a workaround for a limitation in texture paint?

Why can’t I take a 1 frame multilayer file into texture paint, make use of the layers as I would in Pshop, and render the result to get the final 1 layer image?


I also can’t see much use for texture paint for anything other than rotoscoping unless you have a Wacom or other painting tablet.

I’m going to go out on a limb here - you don’t do much texture work, right? Texture paint is an excellent feature - my only problem with it is it’s lack of maturity. If I could I’d paint all of my textures in texture paint. The only thing that might change the importance of texture paint are procedural tools like Mapzone 2.5. But until those tools started to show up, 3D paint was the way to go, and it will probably continue to have a place.


you can scrouge up 60-80 bucks for the cheap-o graphire wacom. I love mine makes scultping a real pleasure and painting. sorry off topic

I second jessegp. There’s nothing wrong with the $100 4X5 Graphire. I’m still using an original Graphire I 4X5 from 6 years ago and have no serious plans to upgrade. It’s not cheap. I drop pen and pad on a regular basis and they keep working and working and working.

If you like procedural textures, you’ve got to try Map Zone 2.5. It’s like Photoshop for procedural textures. It kicks ass. Combine this with Texture Paint for roughing up corners and stuff and Inkscape for graphic stuff and you’ve got an awesome texturing system. There’s not really even a need for Photoshop or manual UV unwrapping any more, if I understand how Map Zone works correctly. I’m still learning, but I think I’m right.

RamboBaby, thanks for the info and links on this page. It sure has helped.