Multimedial centrum

Well, yesterday i created the mobile phone, today i sad that iam going to create just the table, but it somehow rolled into the idea of everything. But yes, this is not over.

ps.: It should have been my work station at home but i dont have:
2 monitors,that type of (mobile,case,mouse,keyboard) AND finaly the table (wish it looked like as this model :smiley: ).,

I just didnt like the idea of creating something i have. :smiley: Really, it is not over :smiley:

Today i created the motherboard (70%)that will be in the computer, there will be also another hardware installed on her.

Today was a day for Graphics card( just DVI connector i know :smiley: ), Cooler,Fan,details of motherboard,RAM,and the wall with two pictures. Though far from perfect, i like it.

There are no cables in computer yet, :cool:


Why has no one commented on this, this is really good, are the motherboard pieces modeled out or are they just textured? if they’re modeled then you have a really keen eye to detail. Nice work.

Thank you very much for your kind reply, the motherboard is based on texture but there are 6000 verticles,(low poly) so almost every component is modeled(tranzistors,chips,condenzators,…) . What i have to rebuild is the wifi-router, that is for sure,maybe the stereo and surely i will rebuild the psu and gpu. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why people model computer components… what’s up with that by the way?

But none the less this post made me cry.


Just very small update, better stereo (now only mono i know :smiley: ) ,wifi router and the pencils are not so sharp! :smiley: Important, be safe ! :smiley:

Looks great …but, is the last render supposed to be kind of slanted, it doesn’t make it look bad but just wondering.