Multimesh issues

So I was getting ready to export out my mesh to zbrush and noticed I had some duplicate vertices. If I try to clean them in a multimesh I get super crazy mesh exploding that can’t be cleaned. When I look at the lowest sub division level in blender it looks nothing like the final level. How can I get the lower level to look more proportionate to the final? The sculpting doesn’t seem to affect the base mesh which doens’t make sense to me.

Also is there way of correcting a duplicate vertice with a multi mesh multiplier applied? In zbrush you can reproject the one mesh to another but it very time consuming to get it accurate.

You can see the proportion and scale are totally wrong on the lowest level. Not sure why proportions are so different between levels.

In the shape settings (which are open in the image above) you can click ‘apply base’ and it will do it’s best to match the lowest mesh (also edit mode) to the shape of the highest/current.

As far as exporting - you could just duplicate your mesh, apply the multires to the desired level for exporting, and then remove doubles.

The apply base mesh worked decently. Not 100% but got a workable . The shrink wrap is still giving me some flying vertices which I think would be fixable in zbrush. But was wondering out to correct these areas in blender? They always tend to be a headache to correct in general.

Another weird thing I noticed was the multimesh made by uvs odd. I had carefully done them so they were even with pins, but when I checked it again the uvs were warped oddly. It was easily correct by tweaking the pinned island. But annoying work regardless.

The crazy vertices are in the lips and eyelids. Overall a decent reprojection though. Some roughness around the chest.