Multipass rendering

Couldn’t find anything on this topic after a search, so if this is redundant, I apologize.

Has there been anything written up about how to set up a workflow in Blender for multipass renders? I know how to do something like this through brute force, but I’m curious (being a relative newbie to Blender) as to whether or not someone has come up with a methodology for handling separate render passes for compositing in After Effects or some other similar application. I’m a big believer in the effectiveness (and control) multipass rendering offers, and I’m also a big believer in the power of Blender.

Also, does anyone know if there will be supplemental documentation available on the reintroduced real-time engine in 2.33 to go with Ton’s most excellent book?

Many thanks to the Blender community!

i remember someone wrote a script which enabled saving different channels to files, i.e. color, depth, among others. try searching on


arg, :-?

I just checked out & nothing came up.

can anyone suggest another place to look?