Multiplayer for game.

Hello so i have a question about Multiplayer how does it work in Blender?

This is something i always felt like working on but im fraid i simply dont know how it works in Blender so it was more of a thought than something i would work on.

Also since its Multiplayer do i need more than 1 computer for it work?

you can have a local client or a network client, or even someone use a controller while the other uses the keyboard.

How is your python?

networking takes alot of python,
or to use agooses addon, however I still think
you will need python.

I have pretty slightly steady Python. Since i got used to blenders visual scripting i coded less, in the past i used Python the most.

Now i. Most cases i would use Python for things l i ike bloom and mechanics that wont fit on Visual Scripting or best known as logic bricks if im not mistaken.

Its a 3rd person game the best way i can describe the game is Gears of War like 3rd person mixed with Deadrising 3 open world like gameplay.

I figured splitscreen would had been a good local multiplayer feature so that works for local.

Splitscreen is relatively easy. You just need a little Python to setup the viewports. I suggest to search through the resource subforum. There are a few threads dealing with this topic.

Alright thanks Monster