Multiplayer FPS in Blender?


I know that it is possible to create FPS cause I saw some samples, however I have a few questions.

  1. Is it possible to make it multiplayer?
  2. Is it possible to use some more realistic graphics or use lux render for rendering?
  3. Is it possible to make items in way that they can be gradually destroyed and in way allowing to make make holes in objects (after bullets) ? (I only saw an example in which object suddenly disappear after 3rd shot)
  1. Yes.
  2. Graphics will be as good as your artistic skill is. No engine can make poor assets look good, it’s a quite unfortunate fact.
  3. I don’t know. I know you cannot add or remove vertices of an existing mesh with the python layer, you can do it adding a C/C++ layer, I vaguely suspect you can dig a fake hole with a glsl shader but I don’t know is the safest bet I can make.
  1. Yes.
  2. Lux is an offline render and does not apply to the BGE. Well-implemented texturing, shaders and LOD are your best friend.
  3. Yes…though your intentions are vague.

To elaborate:
Seeing as you are new here, and based on what you’ve posted, it sounds like you want to make the sequel to Battlefield 4. To be blunt, if that is the case, your chances of achieving that is virtually nil unless you’ve got capital and are willing to push the BGE to a level never seen before with a GPL license.

Game development, especially a team of one, will require a lot of work, probably at least a couple months, if not years, and involves programming no matter how you slice it. Despite everything just stated, your best bet is to start small and try to make something decent with at least one game engine before jumping around. The BGE is a good start for a variety of reasons: integration with Blender, the largest open-source 3D community, etc. If you’ve got the money, you can try Unity, but IMHO it’s better suited towards seasoned developers.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have the best graphics around, however you will have to compete with games like Battlefield 4, which means you really can’t compete as you simply do not have the resources, which means you’re best bet is to focus on gameplay and worry about making it look like Battlefield 4 last.

One final note, Blender does not fully support Android or iOS, so if you’re planning on deploying your game on those platforms, better choose another game engine like Urho3D, GameKit etc. There is an Android port but it needs some work. As for iOS, most likely Blender will never be in the official Apple store due to its GPL license. So the BGE is well-suited to the PC platform.

One more final note, the GPL license does not mean your game has to be open-source/GPL and it does not mean you cannot sell your games. However, these are probably not very relevant right now…

Just found this interesting discussion; one of the posters has a thorough review on a bunch of them:

Thanks a lot for answers guys.

I want to create simple FPS. I want to start very simple but it would be great to have opportunity to improve it. I want to avoid situation that after creating nice and very simple shooter I can’t improve it due to limits of chosen technology. I use various programming languages in my work: Java, C++, Python, PHP, etc. I don’t have experience in game development but I think I can learn it in reasonable time. I’m just looking for information if BGE is suitable for me. Probably I will never make BF4, but thought that I have no chance of getting such level due to using wrong libraries and engines is killing my motivation and makes all this work waste of time for me - I want to understand how this guys make so nice games.

I think that generally if I can’t make BF4 due to tools limitation then I use wrong tool. Even if I know that I have no chance of making BF4 because of other reasons.

You can make BF4 using the blender game engine if you have BF4 resources at your disposal.
That’s because the BGE code is open and freely modifiable and you have like 100 millions to spend so you can make BGE like the next Frostbite - which is what they do for BattleField: they develop their own engine for it.
So you have to think about what you can do with the resources you have.
For me (no money, time or any visual skills) BGE works the best because of its tight integration with the 3D modeler: it ease the pain of 3D assets integration.
I tend to think that the same applies to other people because what I see around, in lone-wolf game making, as the most compelling issue, is the lack of time to spend in assets creation. Others have different points of view though.