Multiplayer game in Blender game engine 2.79 (Is it posible)

Is there any way to make a local based multiplayer game.
And if so is anyone willing to help me create it.
I can easily make a test file to check if its working. I just dont know where to start.

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I have the same question. The answer is probably a Python script, but I don’t know Python, so…

Who was it that was working on a networking module? Nicholas? Yeah I think that was him. Weird, I don’t think I’ve never looked at his code. Cool dude.

Networking is nasty. I’d rather go back to writing physics than ever touch another socket. You’re probably better off waiting a few more months or a year or however long it takes him to finish.

If you want to get your hands dirty though, go for python.

Well, isn’t that always the biggest problem. Here,
There are a bunch of lessons on the library. Google for them.

A big ol’ note, I wouldn’t start by trying to make a game. You want to understand how to setup a connection first. Get a grasp on the client-server back and forth mambo. Once you wrap your head around basic communication, move to processing inputs. Then you can maybe have a fairly basic game. IMO turn-based logic is easier to write than realtime, but I know a few who disagree.

Needless to say, no code no goodies. Bite the bullet. You can lurk stackoverflow and watch indian youtube tutorials like everyone else.


Yes multiple options

  • networking (python)
  • splitscreen (tiny bit of python)

For split screen google it, should show enough. Networking unfortunally noone will help you, this is an area not much people dare to enter. But agoose got working multiplier setups in the resource section, and nicholas is also trying to create a good netwok addon. so either test @agoose77 his networking setups, or wait till @Nicholas_A has something ready to be used.

Thanks for the help guys!
And i spent yesterday researching ways of doing the networking.
Someone actually made an add on for Blender 2.79 that allows people to do that.

I was having a hard time installing the addon to Blender.
But other then that it looked like a good way to go.