Multiplayer Game

Hello, I’m looking to develop a multiplayer online game. Can anyone point me towards a good tutorial. I do know that it requires a python server and client script. At one point I successfully got a server running but never was able to get a client to connect. I also had a problem getting multiple clients.

check in the resources part of the forum, i believe agoose77 posted a good tutorial in there

Thanks Kendrick!
Yes, i have an ongoing tutorial in the resource forum with basics on implementation of networks/server (how it works.)
I will soon add how to have dynamic setup (dont specify how many clients, just all connect)
Check it out

I found the WSAG project by OldJim very usefull:
It also has a thread somewhere in the resource forum

WSAG is useful indeed. It will be interesting to see it’s progress.
In the mean time, do check my resources.