Multiplayer HTML5 Bomberman

Try remake multiplayer Bomberman game. It’s highly addictive!

Click here to play game

Screen shot

Good luck!

Nobody is there to play with. . . >:( Is it a blender engine game?

look like it not.

Pretty nice game! What is made with blender?

players are always online :slight_smile: try again:)

Hi mato103. It does not seem that your game was made with Blender’s Game Engine. Also, I do not see any evidence that Blender was used to make this game at all. I have moved your thread to Off-Topic Chat. If Blender was used in some way to make this game, please do let me know through a private message and I will move it to the appropriate board.

Notice the
Multiplayer HTML5 Its done with HTML 5 yes it does have things like that.

i know a game exactly like that and much better already published with same name i think on this website: