Multiplayer like Dragons Nest?

I know this is probably frequently asked but I have played the game called Dragons Nest (free MMORPG) and I loved the way it played even though I would have rathered an open world. I was wondering how I would go about making a multiplayer RPG similar to Dragons Nest, preferably online but LAN would be fine if online is not possible?

Thanks, Lediron

NOTE: You’re going to get a lot of answers telling you that this is difficult and you shouldn’t do it. Just fair warning.

This seems like an interesting discussion on the topic:

Thanks for the warning, I realise Blender isnt great for game but i understand it a fair bit more than i do other engines so thats the way id rather go, either way tha thanks for the link.

Thanks, Lediron

It’s not because of how difficult Blender is, it’s about how difficult game design as a whole is. ESPECIALLY multiplayer game design, and ESPECIALLY if it’s just you on the project with no prior experience.
The best example I can find of a Blender MMORPG is called KiD MMO. You can find it in the Finished Games section here on the forums. It took this guy 2 years to make, it’s in super simplistic stages, and it’s not his first complete game.
Most people get overwhelmed by month 2 and totally give up on continuing to make the game. That’s why people will assume that you will, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re asking something so complicated and multi-step that it’s basically impossible to answer. it’s like asking for a forum response on how to build a house. You need volumes of experience, generally lots of help, months worth of time etc.

Yeah I realise the size of what im asking, I was just wondering how hard it would be in the end, design i can work out easy, I can do textures and models and animation, problem is the coding, i was hoping for a link to a good tutorial or something but i kinda expected this kind of response. I mean all im looking to do is a basic multiplayer experience the size of half a starting town in an existing mmo, like a tutorial but i realise the multiplayer part is the hard part, it seems blender just isnt kitted for games, let alone an MMORPG.

Thanks, Lediron

While it’s certainly possible to get the code for an MMORPG done fairly simply the scale of the game is the main issue as far as I have researched, you need massive servers to operate the amount of players, not to mention the fact that if you’re building a proper MMORPG you’re going to have several servers that all need to connect through one client in a network so people can pick and choose which ones to join and share the load of the players which is why a lot of MMORPGs have quite localised servers still. They would also need to be powerful enough so you would not end up lagging the whole game whenever people joined, standard desktops aren’t going to do it.

In order to build an MMORPG you would have to know a hell of a lot of python and as others have said put a lot of effort into it. I’m actually looking into making a game like Battlefield or Planetside and that’s obviously going to be a challenge but it’s more possible than an MMORPG because there are a lot less players required for it but I’m still going to have to stress test the thing when it goes to Alpha.

Right now I’m focusing on building a couple of simple platformers to familiarise myself with Blender above all else and I suggest you do the same with the RPGs where you make smaller games first because that’s definitely the way to go. You could even practice putting multiplayer on it that way if you’re going to build a huge project you won’t screw up as easily.

There’s a reason early games were so simple and why all the big games developer’s started off with relatively small games in comparison to what they make now.

Despite not having any experience working on an MMO or online multiplayer title, I think I can say:

  • It will be difficult. Like, very much so. Convsersely, it’s possible to do, all by yourself, even.

  • You should learn coding, starting with the basics of Python.

  • The project being difficult is not because of Blender, or any engine you choose. The weak link in the chain will be you.

  • You probably would do well to make this a longer-term goal. Work on simpler projects until then. These projects can be the components that you would use to make the MMO (i.e. basic 3D movement, inventories, combat, etc).

Hmmm, ok i will take this all into consideration, i guess i thought it would be hard cause i did start making a pretty cool game but then halfway through the first level my computer couldnt handle it any more even tho it was pretty simple. I was toying with the idea of making the game i wanted and then transforming it into multiplayer but from what I can gather you need to implement multiplayer as you go.
Also does anyone have any idea which tutorials would be best for learning code? I have only done a little VB code but i know i need python. If i can learn python, hopefully i can work out multiplayer. But like I said, if i can manage to make it multiplayer it will only be small for starters like 3 players at most, then ill go onto bigger things, I suppose itll end up shaping up to be more like 3 player darksiders crossed saints row.
The size of a company needed to make a fully fldged game is daunting I know, but i see it as there is no one to help me with the project and if i do it all be myself im more likely to get hired because of it. Anyway thanks for the advice.

Thanks, Lediron