Multiplayer online game design idea , help more then appreciated.

Hello guys , I never have posted this sort of thing before but thought why not , you never know. I have a game design , i suppose you have all heared that plenty times before. Well im hoping my game design is different from most and im certain it fills a void that not many have filled.

Im great at knowing how the game should run , the skills players have, the creatures and things players can do but i lack programming skills and have only started using blender the past few months to try and get to grips with it for modeling and animation, Still trying with that but slowly making progress.

Im looking for any help , animating , designing , script writing , anythink or all would help, I know were i want my game to go but have lack of know how to achieve it. The past two months of tutorials and frustrating modeling and trying to learn scribt have reassured this.

So if anyone is interested please get in touch , i have skype , phone and email so would be great to try and get a few people together and work on this game, Hopfully with somones help my dream game will become a reality.



Could you give anymore details on the game? Type, theme, atmosphere, etc.

Yes of course , will send you a pm



Can you give me a PM as well?

Can you give me a PM with more details as well?

Thank you to the one person who has decided to help , its very appreciative. Other then that i have had very little interest so thought maybe i could explain a litttle about my game.

About myself

I have spent the past few months , messing with blender , trying a little java script and generally learning and researching what it takes to make a game , i now relise it would be difficult for me to complete such a project by myself , added to the fact mine is a rather ambitous one. There is no time limit , no rush to complete this game but i feel without help my idea will not come into existance. I have limited experiance as of yet and my models are basic and as i have found out will probly be flawed at best lol.

I so far have a freind who will help with scripting , anouther freind who is learning it, a family member who has offered to help with the world design and a kind offer from a member here who will have a go at animation.

Anymore help in these areas will be appreciated or texturing , 3d model making and working on the audio side of things will be required.

Game concept

Think skyrim / minecraft a world with endless possibilitys , build a house , tend your home built farm, hunt in the woods for deer , elk but watch out for bears , they love attacking hunters. I want to create a world where players can unite and lose themselves in , no quests, no scripted levels, just interact with a fresh clean world and hang with mates.

Ok so this has proberly been done before i hear you say , but heres the unique twist , there are two races you can play in this game , humans being one but the other are dragons, not many games let you play as a dragon , you too as a dragon can free roam the world , fly high hunt and swoop down snatching your prey , take it home to your lair or devour it while in flight. Live in peace with the humans or terrorize there village and burn it to the ground if you dare. Join with your mates as a pack and hunt the humans livestock. Carry a player to your lair and toy with them as a cat would its prey before devouring them.

These things and many i would like to incorperate into my game ideas. The game will be made in unity then released for online free play at first, should it get to a stage to make money then this will be split amongst those that helped create it.

Skype would be the preferred means for team contact.

Happy to hear off you