Multiplayer (!!PLEASE READ SALUK!!)

(Blender_owl) #1

i wanna (and i bet others) know how far you are on the multiplayer script. you said you needed a server, well i got a server. So when can we expect a new realease.

BTW can i get the script off you and use for the game my team is entering in the contest plz :smiley:
I know that you are also entering the contest so you maybe thinking to yourself, " Why would i let this guy use one of my best scripts in the game hes entering" well how bout 1 gig of band width (per month) so you can run your multiplayer. (if you are including the script in your game)

so can i use it, pretty plz :smiley:

(Blender_owl) #2

please ignore this post ( i need to keep this at the top)

(saluk) #3

Heh, no problem, I was about to release it free and clear anyway. I’ve been busy though and haven’t had time, but now I think I’ll put it up tonight:)

It has it’s own server, and it’s kind of tricky to test and see if its working, but for the most part it works. FIguring out how to use it in your game, well, good luck:) It’s not exactly the nicest thing to work with. Anyway, I’ll post it to my site (see below) as soon as I get it together.

(saluk) #4

Well, I’ve been digging into my old files and I can’t seem to get any of them to work. As soon as I can get them working, I’ll drop you a line.

(Blender_owl) #5

Thanks. Whats the problems your having? And are using a similar system i talked about in the BlenderGames Forum. Maybe i can help.

(saluk) #6

The problem I am having right now is I can’t get the client connected to the server. It’s probably some small thing that I knew how to fix when I was working on it before, but I’ve forgotten. I might be using the wrong version of the server or the wrong version of the client, or my python versions might be wrong, I’m just not sure. But I’ll sort it out:)

It’s kind of like what you mentioned, except that it’s a great deal more complex, and supports a virtually unlimited number of clients. Except right now it don’t work!

(Abracsis) #7

This multiplayer thing is the future of gameblender.

The game for the contest i’m working on is very graphically and gameplay pleasing, but. It is also gearsed to be ready for a multiplayer adaption.

I have done things like making objects which can be many different things at the change of a single property.

I am creating a Bar and docking bays, meaning a community area can exist -

Although i would hve no idea how to convert my game to the multiplayer, it’s good that i get into practice of doing things neatly.

I suppose the multiplayer game has to be worth playing, people aren’t gona log on to a blender online game that is boring, lacks game play or looks too old fashioned…that’s where my game comes in :wink: (oh so big headed)


(Blender_owl) #8

Is it a peer to peer system or is there going to be a main server and many clients? And what sockets are you using? ( like winsock or inet )

(Haunted-House) #9

Okay you can relay information, the HARD PART is finding a useful way to use that ability in your game…

(Abracsis) #10

The game would definatly be server based. It is an underwater world, where you can walk around a futuristic bar area, and then challenge other players to duel by taking out a sub marine (of which there are 14 types).

I do not understand using various sockets etc and would need alot of help to incorperate a multiplayer into this game.

But, i am doing a degree in computer science so eventually i will probably learn how to do such things anyway…


(saluk) #11

Client-server model (very few games actually use peer to peer), and I use python sockets. It already uses the information rather well. I havent had a lot of time, but I hope to really sit down and get it up by friday.