I made several games with blender over the course of two years, however I would like to push my games to the next level: multiplayer(online). I understand tht this isn’t easy an a lot of threads have been posted containing this subject. What I would like to do is that one pc is used as a server(host) and others as players, so everyone could choose host or join in the beginning.

What I need:

  • Game runs outside blender

  • When you start he game you need to choose host or join

  • You need to have some kind of lobby system(in wich you can see games created by others)

  • You have control over a cam

  • Other player have control over a cam too

The further modeling and building of the game isn’t a problem.

I onely need a template, or a game that I can modify

I do not know phyton, but I realise that you need to so I’m working on it…

plz help,

If you need any further informtion, plz say so…

Sorry for the late reply…

I will try to follow it and make my own multiplayer game. But I don’t have a lot of time this week, but i will let you know when I need some help or just to tell you that it worked…

I apriciate jour effort to share your work with me and others.

Thanks a lot!