Multiple 3D Views, each are independently navigational

If I have multiple views via say 2 3D Viewports… If I pan, zoom, rotate, they both do so. How can I have each act independently. Sorry if this one is painfully easy.

Sorry, please ignore. I was using two 3D Views with Camera Views, and they are locked. My bad, I barely use more than 1 3D viewport.

And don’t forget Ctrl+Alt+Q, which creates a quad view. By default the views are locked, but you can disable that in the 3dview properties (N) under Display

Thanks Sago!

You can also use multiple windows ( first image)
For example you can split different 3d views to different windows and maximize or minimize the ones you need/don’t need.

Oliver Villar Diz from blendtuts used this method to model an object in one window while filming an other window with a 3d-view. He explains this trick on