multiple actions and NLA

I created my first walk cycle action but now i cant figure out how to blend that action into others.
for example… i cant get the character to go from just standing there to walking. when i move the action to a later frame and then adjust the armiture before the walking action it just wont work

Do you have a rest animation to blend into your walk?

I think once I use an action in the nla that means everything else has to be snowflaked into an action before it will work. is that correct? I still cant figure out how to add a track and blend the actions. Also I was wondering if there is a way to go back into an action and edit it in the dope sheet.

also is there a way to change the default rest pose? i put the bones in the mesh in a T pose but i would like it to start out with the hands down at his side. It seems when i try to do this the mesh wont follow the bones. Mesh is T pose bones have hands at sides.