Multiple actions on an armature

Hi there,

I have an armature with a walk animation, an idle animation, and a holding weapon animation (which only poses the arm bones, to make the character hold the weapon in front of himself), and a cast animation (moves the characters arms).

The problem that I have is that when I am running two actions at the same time, such as walk and hold weapon, it works except for blendin.

Also, when I am running and activate the cast animation, the walk animation pauses.

Can anyone help? See the example blend. (left click to ‘cast’. You’ll see the wobbling animation freeze, when I want it to play the casting animation -on top- of the current animation.)


multiple actions.blend (147 KB)

It worked perfectly after I turned then blend value to 0 for both of them.


Just a note that it works in blender 2.5 without stopping, with blendin set as well(though sure if its blending properly or not).

I wish I could be more help :frowning:

Thanks for the help, I’ve decided to stay with 2.49 and just change my animation system. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: