Multiple animations at once? parenting 2 files?

(shuriken) #1

2 questions really, does any one know if it is possible and if so how i could run 2 animations on a model at once. this may not make sense so example:
im trying to make a game, i want it so the player model could do 2 differnet things, like legs running while upper body shooting, and these could be changed independantly.

secondly is it possible and how to parent one file to another.
a file which is a gun being attached to the players hand, the player model is a different file to the gun, making it possible to change what the player is holding easily, this is the way it is done in games like tombraider.

thanx to all who can assist

(phlo) #2

if i’m understanding the new armature model correct. you can solve your problem.
but only in one file…

you can use diffrent actions at the same time. but check that the actions don’t use the
same bones. if you want to do something with the hands you should be able to do other
things with the legs.

not sure…


(mthoenes) #3

I recall there being something about this issue associated with Blender Publisher and how you could control multiple actions in an armature for the realtime engine.

Specifically, there was a demo fight game with two people punching and kicking each other.

Try this question in the real time forum. You may have better luck there.