Multiple Animations At Once?

Hello! Does anyone know of a way to play two animations at the same time? I had an idea that you could separate the arm and leg armatures, so that the legs could play a running animation and the arms could play a…, well any animation :). Would this work, or is there another way to accomplish this? Thanks.

It’s actually pretty simple. Just use animation layers. If animations are on different layers, they will play simultaneously. I think the higher layer takes priority, don’t quote me on that though, you might need to play with the layer numbers.

You can even do trigger two actions (with the same action layer). Just make sure the actions do not share a channel (animation for the same bone).

I tried using layers, but it didn’t work. I had a running animation, that only used the leg bones. I also had an arm animation that used the arm bones. I put them on different layers, but only the arm animation played! I’m not sure if I did it right. It’s probably something really stupid! :slight_smile:

Multiple Animations At Once?I would also like to know how to do this.

Layers should work fine. I attached a blend file (that I made very quickly, so the animations suck). “W” moves forward and “Spacebar” makes the guys arm go up in the air.

2anims_test.blend (1.39 MB)