Multiple Animations For Unity3D

Ok, this is starting to become a huge problem for me and I’m sure it’s very simple. In Blender 2.58 how in the heck do you create multiple animations for one model? Here’s the scenario. I’ve already created and rigged a character I’m going to use in a game. I’ve also already created a running animation, however I have no idea where to go next. How do I save that animation and start a new one? I’m sure there’s this magic window hidden somewhere that allows me to add a new animation, rename my old one and even allows me to switch between the animations on the fly, but I can’t find it.

I’m going to be exporting the model and animations as an FBX file which if it’s anything like one’s that I’ve used in Unity3D previously, it will have the animations attached and allow me to script out the player movement using the names of the animations I used in Blender. Please help me, I’m about to pop a vein here. It just seems so ridiculous that this is so hard to find. Thanks in advance.

Firstly, bring up the dopesheet/action editor and make sure it’s in action editor mode (a drop down on the menu bar lets you switch modes). In AE mode, another drop down will appear with the name of your action in it (probably something like “armature_Action” or so). If you want to make a new action you can either click on that drop down and add a new blank action, or click on the plus sign to duplicate your existing one. Also, the ‘X’ button will disassociate the action with your rig.

When it comes to exporting to Unity via fbx, you can use that drop down to link each action to the rig and then manually export an fbx file for each action. I’ve done this many times and it works beautifully.

Make sense? (I’m at work right now, and don’t have Blender handy to give a better description for you.)

Actually that makes a lot of sense. I will try that out. I’ve actually seen models with multiple FBX animations used in Unity. Thanks.

Question for those of you who have been using Unity how big are your objects with all the animations?

About 2.75 I think.

Sorry, what do you mean by “big”?

Freen I mean MB size. I mean what is the total of the size of all the animations and the object when its all together.

from memory (I don’t have the project files with me) they were around 5Mb per fbx.
I was actually surprised by how much the animation added to the file size.

Yeah I am not crazy then. That was my concern. I had a dragon I made yet after adding animation it seemed to make it pretty big. Thanks Freen

I know this is an old post. But these two subjects have confused me for years. Literally. #1 how to make actions consistantly in blender. I thought I had it figured out in 2.49 then the 2.5 upgrade came out and the whole looks of the screens was different. I KNOW the process might be the same but the actual on screen look was and still is totally different from 2.49. Yes I have seen the release notes both for 2.5 and 2.62. And yes I have checked out the documentation pages for both of those version. In some version the docs page is not even posted. In others there is a description of what has been changed but not a tutorial on how to make actions with the new version.

#2 I had almost figured out how to get actions imported into unity when the new interface for 2.5 came out. There was a lag between when 2.5 was introduced and when there was and sutible and working export script from blender to fbx or and importer from blender to unity. That has now been fixed. BUT still I have read post that said you have to have each action on start on seperate frame numbers and see other post that said that you can have as many actions as you want all starting on the same frame number. Which is it?? And still not visual explantions of how you get unity to recognize which action is which animation clip. In other words a comprehensive tutorial WITH SCREENSHOTS of the whole process needs to be written.

Yes I know I should do it myself. If I knew enough about the whole process and was not totally confused by reading seperate post without visual feed back or brief and rambling video tutorials I would.