Multiple animations

I have a mesh with 13 animations but only 1 plays. If i select action editor and change 2 a different action the dope sheet etc changes but pressing play still only plays that original animation? What else must i do to change the animation to be played?

You asked your question in the wrong section. To answer your question, when a animation it created, it stays on the Dope Sheet as the active animation. Until you go into the NLA Editor and press the little Snowflake button on the left, it will remain as the only animation available.

Thx xero i will try it out. Follow up question I got this dragon model off blendswap and in BGE it has animations move flap wings etc but it has no animations show outside of BGE?

Check for an Armature. If it has none, then it was already setup prior to release.

Ok i found a ton of animations now i had to open up nla and the dopesheet. Trying to save them to an export animation but can’t now sigh always another hurdle with you blender

Drachen_BGE_Cycles_267a.blend (1.12 MB)
Tried saving in blend and fbx format but neither ships the animation. Just get a ton of python error messages

Where are you trying to export the animation to?

Into unity

Yea i know how to export buth with this model it does not work . The blend has no animations and the fbx throws theses errors .

Then you need to contact the creator upon fixing the problem.

Well that’s a bummer. Thx anyways.