Multiple background image issue

Hi Everyone thanks in advance…
I am struggling with displaying different background images in different ortho views.
Basically I have three seperate BG images (top, Front, and Side)… Happy days… they all line up in their respective windows… great. My problem arises when I change one of these windows (say… Top Ortho to Front Ortho) and my original BG image still displays (ie. my Top BG image is in Front Ortho view ???).
I like changing the view to different Orthos while modeling so I can sometimes work on one Orthographic view at a time full screen rather than resizing my 4 camera windows every 60 seconds.
Hope I have made some sort of sense here?
Thanks again…

You can arrange your three orthos in one picture in such a way that you’ll be able to use it for all three views, by placing them in an L shape. It’s not as good as getting different images for the different view presets, I know, but it works.

yes, the bg image is window pane dependent, not view dependent. Best to either construct a card X system as Zwebbie suggested, or use a 4-up view with at least 3 3D Views, and assign one image to each. then ctrl-up or space to maximize one or the other, or keep them all in view and just work on each one to position the vert/edge.

That’s great guys. Makes sense. Thanks.