multiple background images?

I have searched the forum and come up with nothing. Is it possible to have a different background image in each view? I want to use a couple of head references and have the front picture in the front view and the side picture in the side view, is it possible to do this?

I dont know how to do multiple, but what I do is:

  1. Cut the work area in half (split area).
  2. Put each area in a different view (right and front usually)
  3. Use backround images for both.

Its actually nice to be able to see both views at the same time, especially when working with edgeloops.

Is it possible to have a different background image in each view?

Yes, just load a different image from each window’s header menu view->background image.


I like to rig my references with UV-mapping.

  1. Set a picture to background.
  2. Make a plane and alter it to be precisely the size of your reference.
  3. Remove the background picture and select UV Face Select mode.
  4. Open UV/Image Editor
  5. Set your image to UV/Image Editor by Image/Open
  6. Set Viewport Shading in your main window to Textured.
  7. If the image is rotated for some reason, no worries. Just select all your verts and hit r and select rotate UV Co-ordinates.

I like this way more than setting images to background because it works a lot better wih my graphics card and it is easier to work with it.

Note 1: If you build a modeling box, be sure to put your front reference to backside of the box heading to the center and vice versa.

Note 2: To model properly, you need to set your object’s drawtype to wire while editing.