Multiple Background Images?

I’m trying to load a top and a side view of my model plan into the 7 and 3 views, respectively. Unfortunately, while I can load them into split windows, if I try to work fullscreen I can only keep one image current, and it’s tied to the window, not the view. This means that even if I hit 1, 7, or 3 I get the same image in the background unless I go to the view menu and manually select the other image. This is a pain.

Is there any way to set things so that your background image is dependent on your orthographic view, not on whichever window?

Not from my experience, no - it would be nice, but i guess the developers havnt seen it as that important. Maybe you could recomend it?

Thanks for the quick reply! At least it’s not my fault;-)
I’ll go recommend it on one of the “future” threads…