Multiple backgrounds

I’m sure it’s probably in the knowledgebase or the forum here somewhere, but I’m in kind of a time crunch, so my question is:
Is there a way to have different background images depending on the direction you’re looking? so like if i wanted a top down view i could load a BG image and then assign it to come up when i press numpad 7, a picture for the front onnumpad 1, and another pic on numpad 3 for the side? or am i stuck having one constant background image?


You can have a different background picture for each 3d window. So make a 3d window that will be used for your front view and load the front view image into it. Do the same for the side, top etc. I then use the ctrl- uparrow and ctrl-downarrow to quickly maximiize the view I want to work on. I agree however that view oriented rather than window oriented backgrounds would be nice.


Awright! thanks for the help GreyBeard! That’ll make my little project SOO much easier than th way i’ve been doing it (I’ve been puttin all the views into one image and then moving my model around whenever i changed views…)