Multiple .blend files for one set of textures?

I have made a game with different levels in different .blend files. I have packed all the data, however since this packs all the textures for every level, the file size is massively bigger.

Is there any way i can make them all just take textures and sounds from 1 folder?

here’s an example:
make a My_Game directory
place the .blend(s) inside
Create a Sounds and a Textures folders inside My_Game
Place your sounds and textures inside
Now in your game, for each texture/sound browse to find the “new path” and be sure that it’s a “relative one”, ex: //Textures/My_beautiful_texture.jpg ( notice the // )
Don’t pack the file and distribute the My-Game folder.

I can’t find where to add the \ sorry.

Rather then finding each file manually, After moving the files into a subdir do…
File->External Data-> Find Missing Files (Point to the path, blend files path it will find subdirs)
FIle->External Data -> Make Relative, so it will load on other peoples PCs

// means current directory, so it should stand for the folder the .blend file is in…

double slash?
Two times the / key ? :wink:

so when i find missing files i have to search for something like ex: //Textures/My_beautiful_texture.jpg?

Hello again
try the above ideasman method …and them just check/verify that in the “Image Panel” in the “Texture buttons” window, the path to the image files start with // ( or maybe \ in windows?)