Multiple blend files open on mac?

I know you can do this on pcs, but is it possible to open different blend files at once on macintosh? If you open one and blender is running, all it does is make blender your selected application, but no additional windows (besides blender:render and blender:anim, of course) can be opened. hmm…:spin:

The only way I know is to copy the existing bundle and then open the copy of Blender and work in it.

True, and ive done that. Oh well.

As a Windows user coming to Mac, I was shocked to learn that a Mac, typically, can not run more than one instance of the same program. On windows, this is a given.

Atom, you make it sound like a Mac deficiency. Windows has the deficiency here.

Macs have always been able to run multiple windows in almost every application (excluding, like, fullscreen games). You can’t run multiple “instances” of most apps, because you don’t need to. You can have multiple documents open, and the computer doesn’t have to devote resources to having multiple apps open at once… just RAM for the extra windows.

Long ago, Windows didn’t have a way to run multiple instances of an app. If you wanted multiple windows open at once, you needed two separate computers. Microsoft tried to emulate the Mac OS’s functionality by allowing multiple instances at once. Not a perfect fix, but a fix.

The issue with Blender is that it is neither a standard Windows nor Mac application. Windows has been built from the ground up with this dilemma in mind, whereas Apple has some pretty strict application standards, some of which Blender can’t meet. The result is a seamless Blender experience on all platforms… at the cost of multiple windows on a Mac, which of course is one of my favorite aspects of running the program in Vista.

In short, everybody should just switch to Linux. Right now. :confused: